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Where's all the sugar?

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A recent report from Public Health England suggests that sugary drinks account for a whopping 30% of our children’s sugar intake. This is in addition to the sugar routinely consumed in chocolate, sweets, biscuits and breakfast cereals.

Why is sugar so bad for our children’s teeth?

When sugar reacts with bacteria found in the mouth it turns to acid. This acid attacks the tooth enamel and over time can lead to holes or cavities appearing in the teeth. Cavities require dental intervention usually in the form of fillings, but if not detected early enough may result in teeth being extracted.

How can I help my child look after their teeth?

Limit the frequency of sugary drinks/treats which are consumed. Try thinking about the number of times the teeth are ‘attacked’ each day

Look for alternatives, eg milk and water are a tooth friendly alternative to fruit juice and fizzy pop. If sugary drinks are to be comsumed then try limiting them to mealtimes so the saliva produces during eating can help neutralise some of the sugar acid

Be on the lookout for ‘hidden’ sugars in your child’s diet. Many parents may offer snacks which appear healthy on the packaging but which contain as much added sugar as a can of pop

Ensure your child’s teeth are brushed each night before going to bed and at generic cialis india one other time during the day using a fluoride toothpaste. The level of parental supervision in teeth brushing will depend on the age and ability of your child

Take your child for their dental examinations every 6 months to ensure that any problems can be identified at an early stage

If you have any concerns about your child’s dental health or wish to register them with a dentist please contact us on 01244 541931 or use our contact form and we will be in touch with you

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