Teeth whitening is one of the simplest and fastest ways to change your smile.

At Cambria Dental Practice we offer a range of tooth whitening options which take into account lifestyle and budget considerations so you can achieve that healthy looking, youthful smile in a way that suits you best.

There are many reasons why teeth darken, often due to lifestyle or the natural ageing process but often this can be reversed by modern teeth whitening procedures.

Why choose teeth whitening?

Whiter teeth and a brighter smile can be achieved from just 30 minutes per day. It is a safe, effective and affordable way to boost your smile.

Can teeth whitening be combined with other treatments?

Yes, in fact most of the people who choose to have their teeth whitened do so in combination with another treatment. If you are considering another treatment then it is important to carry out the whitening at the appropriate stage. For example, if you’re considering one of our orthodontic treatments then whitening would be carried out afterwards, whereas if you were having composite bonding or crowns/veneers then the whitening procedure would need to be carried out first. We would advise you of how best to combine the whitening process with your other treatments to ensure the best results possible.

Will my teeth look fake?

No, natural teeth can’t look too white but they can look gorgeous, natural and healthy! If you see somebody with unnaturally looking white teeth they are likely to be veneers.

Will it whiten my crowns/veneers?

No only natural teeth will whiten. After the whitening process you may have to replace your existing crowns/veneers with new ones to ensure the best match for a natural looking result.

Will it be painful?

You may get some minimal transient sensitivity however we’ve chosen our systems specifically because they have been shown to have the lowest sensitivity levels of all bleaching systems. We often recommend the use of a sensitive toothpaste before and during the whitening process to reduce any sensitivity.

Can anyone have their teeth whitened?

Not everyone is suitable for tooth whitening procedures. To ensure patient safety recent changes to the law now mean that tooth whitening can only be performed under the care of a dentist. Our dentists will assess your suitability and advise you of the best options to help you achieve the white smile you desire.

How long will the results last?

Everyday life can introduce new staining to your teeth, the main culprits being red wine, tea, coffee and cigarettes. To maintain the fantastic results we recommend that every few months you carry out a single night/day maintenance at home. This will ensure that your new found whiteness can last forever.