General Dentistry

A fresh, gentle approach to your routine dental care

General dentistry is the more everyday dentistry that most people are familiar with.

At some time in our lives many of us will have a filling, maybe root canal treatment, or possibly an extraction. Regular dental examinations and routine hygiene appointments can go a long way to preventing these kind of problems, however if treatment is needed, the team at Cambria Dental Practice will look after you.

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We continually invest in new equipment and integrate new techniques into our general dentistry to ensure your treatment is comfortable, safe and effective.

Metal free alternatives

If you are looking for a metal free alternative to amalgam filling we provide composite fillings or porcelain inlays and onlays for a natural looking alternative. An inlay can be a fantastic option if a tooth can’t support a large filling. Custom made in the laboratory it provides a strong biting surface with the look and feel of natural enamel.

Preserve your teeth

Nobody likes the thought of losing a tooth and we are no exception. Wherever possible we will offer treatments to help you preserve your natural teeth. Whether it’s a course of periodontal therapy to combat periodontal disease, or root canal treatment to save an infected tooth our aim is always to help you keep your natural teeth.


We routinely offer the WAND™ injection system to deliver anaesthesia and provide you with a comfortable injection. By treating you as we wish to be treated ourselves your general dental needs will be safe in our hands.