As we believe that healthy teeth and gums should last a lifetime we welcome the whole family to Cambria Dental Practice.

Our routine dental treatments are designed to keep you and your family’s teeth healthy and strong. Using the best materials and techniques in comfortable surroundings we endeavour to make your experience with us comfortable.


Children are encouraged to attend from a young age, ideally from the time they cut their first few teeth.

Regular attendance from a young age means they get used to the sights, smells and experience of being at the dentist without any fear. Dietary and hygiene advice, along with regular examinations, will reduce the likelihood of needing treatment and provide them with the healthy start they deserve.

If your children do require any dental treatment they will benefit from our gentle approach to dental care. The WAND™ pain free injection system is particularly popular with children and parents alike.

Can my child be seen under the NHS?

Children can be treated under the NHS until the age of 18 at which time most join their parents on our Cambria membership plan. This helps to ensure they maintain good oral health through their adult years.


What discounts are available for families?

Family discounts are available when two or more family members join up to the Cambria Membership Plan. Our membership plan offers great savings on the cost of dental treatment.